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7262 Saw Palmetto Pygeum, 120 gels, 10/25


As men age, prostate health oftentimes begins to decline. The changes that may occur may lead to increased frequency of urination, disruption of normal urine flow as well as painful urination. The synergistic combination of nutrients and herbs in this formula help support the normal, healthy structure and function of the prostate gland.† Saw palmetto has a significant amount of research demonstrating its role in healthy prostate function.† Lycopene has been studied for its role as an antioxidant which is critical for maintaining the health of prostate cells. Our Prostate Support† also contains synergistic ingredients include pygeum, nettle, pumpkin seed oil, and zinc, which together help provide support for normal, healthy prostate function.†


Saw Palmetto Extract standardized to 85-95% fatty acids and sterols, and made by a European manufacturer to the same specifications as that used in clinical studies.

Our Pygeum Extract is made by a European manufacturer to the same specifications

as that used in clinical studies.

Nettle extract, zinc, pumpkin seed oil, and lycopene work synergistically to support

prostate health.†

Trademarked and patented raw materials: L-OptiZinc® and Lyc-o-mato® lycopene.


Clinical studies have shown Saw palmetto to help support the normal activity of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme thereby supporting normal, healthy levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone).†

Saw palmetto also influences the binding of DHT to prostate cells, which helps support normal, healthy prostate cell structure and function.†

Pygeum contains beta-sitosterol, which has been shown to help support the health of the prostate gland by its effect on the binding of DHT to prostate cells. Studies also show beta-sitosterol supports normal, healthy urine flow.†

Studies on lycopene have shown it to be effective at quenching singlet oxygen radicals which are believed to cause damage to healthy prostate cells. Lyc-omato® lycopene has been used in several studies demonstrating its effective support for prostate health.†

Nettle root helps support the production of favorable prostaglandins, encouraging a normal, healthy inflammatory response within the prostate.†

The epithelial cells of the prostate gland concentrate more zinc than any tissue in the male body. Levels of zinc decrease with age, and normal zinc levels have been shown to help support healthy prostate function.†