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Alternative and Botanical Medicine

Holistic Oral Health Resources and Information

Holistic Oral Health Summit

"Doctors and Health Experts Reveal Why Hidden Poisons in Your Mouth Cause Cancer, Arthritis, Heart Disease and More! Discover how thousands of people are getting 100% relief of their disease symptoms… and how you can experience the same deep healing in only a few short hours!"

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Holistic Practitioner's

To find a Holistic practitioner near you, simply click on the "find a practitioner" tab on their homepage

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Dr. Gerald Smith

An informative website on oral health and its connection to the whole body.

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Acumeridian Tooth-Organ Relationships

Click the link below to be led to a chart for detailed information on the Acumeridian Tooth-Organ Relationships

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Video Resources

Eastern Medicine: Journey Through Asia

Travel with Ty and Charlene Bollinger as they journey through seven different Asian countries seeking the truth about cancer and interviewing doctors and their patients. Click the link below to watch Episode 1 about Japan.

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Vaccines Revealed

Vaccines Revealed: A 9 Part Documentary Series On The Controversies Surrounding Vaccines

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Dehydration; the signs, symptoms and what one can do stay safe!

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