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Studies show inflammation is involved in many chronic diseases. COX-2 (Cyclooxygenase-2) is an enzyme that regulates the production of chemicals that are involved in processes such as inflammation, cell growth, blood clotting, and other important biological processes. The hormone-like compounds produced by overactivity of COX-2 have been shown to have several detrimental effects on the body Including pain, damage to joints, and damage to the cardiovascular and neurological systems as well as abnormal cell proliferation. The COX-2 enzyme is responsible for a significant component of the inflammatory process. InflamMove provides a synergistic combination of nutraceuticals including powerful botanical extracts targeted at helping to support normal, healthy COX-2 activity.†


A powerful blend of nutraceuticals to support the body’s natural inflammatory response.†

With standardized herbs like white willow, boswellia, turmeric, ginger and devil’s claw. Devil’s claw and white willow are herbal drugs in Europe.

Proprietary enzyme/herbal blend provides a variety of enzymes, antioxidants, and flavonoids that helps support a normal, healthy inflammatory response.†

Vegetarian. Now with vegetarian capsules.


This unique formula supports normal, healthy COX-2 activity.†

Helps support a normal, healthy recovery for “weekend warriors”.†

Helps support normal joint flexibility and function.†

Boswellia and turmeric help support a healthy inflammatory response.†

The active compounds in devil’s claw known as harpagosides have been well documented to help support a normal, healthy inflammatory response.†

The active compound in white willow is known as salicin. Salicin, like aspirin, is a chemical derivative of salicylic acid; both of which help support healthy COX-2 activity.†

Numerous studies have demonstrated a supportive role for antioxidants in inflammatory-related processes.†

The inflammatory-supporting properties of the enzymes bromelain and papain help support healthy tissue and promote normal, healthy joint function.†