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9002 ultra gi cleanse (60) - 07/26


Gastrointestinal problems are common conditions that plague our society. Pharmacies and supermarkets offer a wide selection of products designed to provide temporary relief of symptoms, rather than address the underlying cause. The majority of gastrointestinal conditions are related to the typical American diet which focuses on highly processed and refined, high fat, high sugar, and low fiber foods. This type of diet results in poor digestive health which can lead to irregular bowel movements and the increased amount of time fecal matter comes in contact with the cells lining the intestinal tract. Our Ultra GI Cleanse formula provides a synergistic combination of ingredients that help support normal, healthy bowel function, which in turn encourages the “regular” elimination of waste material. By encouraging “regularity”, this formula helps support overall health and wellness, which is oftentimes related to normal, healthy gastrointestinal function.†


Synergistic combination of plant extracts designed to support healthy intestinal function.†

Supports regularity without the use of harsh laxatives.†

Contains herbs with demulcent and carminative properties that soothe the mucosal lining.

Easy to swallow vegetarian capsules.



Cascara Sagrada helps to support smooth muscle contraction of the colon and facilitate the elimination of waste. It also has a toning and strengthening effect that can support normal bowel function.†

Aloe vera leaf contains compounds known as anthraquinone glycosides. Numerous studies have demonstrated the ability of these compounds to support normal colon function and stool consistency. Aloe not only supports the smooth muscle contraction of the colon but also provides a soothing demulcent effect to the lining of the gastrointestinal tract.†

Flaxseed provides the omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid. This fat has been shown to support a healthy inflammatory response. Flaxseed also provides a source of fiber and lignans, both of which benefit intestinal health.†

Marshmallow root is a demulcent which contains compounds that help soothe and protect the mucous lining of the intestinal tract.†

Peppermint contains compounds called carminatives. These compounds have been shown to have a “relaxing” effect on the smooth muscle that lines the intestinal tract, and can provide support for normal, healthy intestinal function.†

Slippery Elm is another highly regarded demulcent that soothes the intestinal lining.†

Rhubarb benefits the muscles of the intestinal wall by supporting strength and overall function. As an astringent, this plant extract also helps to protect the lining of the colon.†